Sunny Mondays

Love them. Need more. Spend the day after a night filled with music, wine and great ladies.. It lasted till 7 in the morning, made me not going to school, but spend the day walking, freezing, relaxing and kissing.

Camera fail that ended good

The beginning

Iced up lakes

The one



The Dalai Lama Knows


A fairytale


The rip

Amazing Everyday part 1

As part of the project I’m in I had to send one of the phones to a member of my team in London.

So off I go to the local post office, where the very local post lady (with a mustache) was serving me.

Me: “Hi, I would like to send this package to London, is that possible?#

Her: “Yes of course… Ehm… You would like to put in a box I guess?”

Me: “Yea if that’s the best way”

Lady finds a box that is a bit too big for the package. Looks at it. Thinks a bit.

Lady: “There is a phone in it?”

Me: “Yes”

Lady: “How much did you pay for it?”

Me: “Well actually I got it for free, but it cost around 4000 dkk”

Lady: (to herself) “Fuck fuck fuck fuck…” (then to me) “Ehm, I guess it’s not good for a phone if it does like this” (Shakes box heavily)

Me: “Naa I don’t think so either… Is there another option you guess?”

Lady thinks a bit

Lady: “I’m really thinking here… We have to find a good solution…I guess we could do it this other way”

She finds one of those envelopes with the plastic bubbles and it fits right in.

Lady: “All right, so this is what we are going to do.. Then we help each other”

She explains the details and end up whispering “Then you deliver it only to me (there were no one else) and I’m going to take care of it”

Me: “Yea all right, nice”

Lady: “Good and this way you can track the package and there’s included an insurance if it get’s lost on EXACTLY 4000”

Me: “Well, that sounds good. Thank you so much”.

I hope that this was the highlight of her office day, cause it sure was the highlight of mine, to be treated like it was the most valuable thing I ever had to send by mail.

Nokia Lumia 800 Blogpost

As a result from my internship I joined the concept that I was a part og creating, witch means I got a brandnew (pink!) (sigh) Nokia Lumia phone… This means so far that I must remember to turn off the dictionary thing and later decide whether or not I will return to the dark side. (iPhone). Also it means that I’ll be posting a lot (hopefully) of small doc videos.. Satisfied with camera options so far. Need either contacts or all I know on Facebook to put their phone umber in there…

Friday 13th

Why does something never really happened at this special combination of day and date? When do we stop being all “Oh My God! It’s Friday.. The.. 13th…. Oh. My. Lord!” Who ever came up with the concept that this was the worst combination of day and date? Nostradamus? The US? Maybe I should google it, but actually I’d rather not.

So I spilled a cup of coffee in A’s computer, which is my substitute computer at home. It has made it unable to respond to enter, but then the “it ain’t so bad it isn’t good for nothing” played out, and he found out that the little reversed K next to the apple, is ALSO an enter key. Well well well… Now I have never! The endless explorations. (K)

So I have come to the conclusion that the blogging life, might be rather boring on the inspirational stuff from now on. Since now I actually have something to do everyday, I will hopefully not waste time on twitter and stumble upon, but actually be productive, which kind of feel nice. So let’s see how long it’s going to last. (K)

Fuck, have a straightener iron (direct translations rocks) heating. Hm. (K)

So… Seems to be the start of all my sentenses. Great! (K)

Well, let’s see what wine and good company can do with this scary tragic evening. Must I mention I worked out 1.5 hours today! And that it was awesome!? Now I have…

Worlds Most Depressing Love Declaration Location

Emdrup st



Christmas went, so did new years, lots of alcohol a little bit of drama and a lot of love. All in all great events, glad it’s over. I’ve found out that I miss my 9-5 life.. Or 9-3.. or 10-4 maybe. The amounts of sleep I get when I’m off. It’s ridiculous. 11 hours everyday… It’s such a waste, but I sleep so good that I don’t wake up. And the dreams! The dreams are amazing! Hello parallel world…

So I’ve decided not to have any new year promises. 2012 can only be better than 2011, at least I have a great feeling about it. And maybe it’s time to accept that promises to yourself doesn’t change you. It has to be something bigger than the beginning of a new year. Change when you need to or want to. So that’s why I will keep on smoking and drinking and exercising as much as I can get to it. (The last part!) Hurray.

So generally life is pretty easy going, at least not enough problems that I need to unload them here.. Love is perfect, friends are perfect, living situation… is okay, job is great, school.. well we’ll see how that goes when we get to it. Me and myself.

Oh money situation sucks! All bills has been paid this month which leaves me with around 500 dkk. It will be.. interesting. And hopefully make me go out less… Hmm maybe I should sell my clothes now.. And get some haircutting done. Call me if you need one. The price was a bottle of wine, maybe now it will be like a cheese or some bread.. Eggs.. Hmm.. Not such a bad idea.. Or go be a prostitute for a while.. Just to say you tried it.. Naa maybe not.

Good choice for the self-study class, so I will be home most of the time. Clap clap on shoulder.

So running out of battery seems to be my thing this month. And where on earth has the spelling thing gone here on WordPress? I miss it. It was so good to me.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I will return soon with useless updates.