Somethings cooking

And it’s an idea…

First off…

Note to self


Courtesy of Anna Vital via Rebel Academy 


Useless talents

Speaking with a friend about transcribing and how I find it utterly boring even though I’m quite fast doing it.

This lead on to the joyful conversation about useless talents, and so to provide my friends now astonishing need, for having useless talents of mine listed, so he can use them against me: Here goes. Useless talents possessed by the author writing:

  • Transcribing
  • Drinking wast amounts of alcohol
  • Finding grey hairs in special lightening settings
  • Writing blogposts when one should be transcribing
  • Being all the time confused about making right or wrong choices
  • Making creative glue-cut-out-paper-things-on-boxes gifts for friends, forgetting that I’ve already gave them one, and that they don’t use it.
  • Very good at rolling fingerings around married-hand-finger with thumb and little finger on the same hand
  • Colour organising cd’s on shelves
  • Country and region organising of wine on shelves
  • Doing dishes!

Usefull talent:

Realising that I have to go back to transcribing. Now.

This one is dedicated for you, my evil little mean spirited friend. (Not that you are really)


Is what it is..


Le Fin – Bonjour Adult Life


Finally finished BA in Media Production and Management with a 10 (A?) and is super satisfied, reliefed, scared, anxious and what not.. Adult life is waiting. It’s going to be?? great, hopefully… If I can get a nice job. And what is it about ALL the businesses, requires you have years of practise in your field, before they wan’t to hire you? Like seriously, how do freshly graduated people get jobs, if they don’t get it through their network? Or does 3 years of school counts as experience?? Hmm…. Well, keeping trust in faith, and that good comes to good people…

And.. Will be back to blogging. Somehow finishing my theses, makes me missing writing.. Freak.

Desk Cleaning

I’m trying to organize my files on the computer, so the BA writing will be at bit more overcome-able, and by doing so I found these pics that I’d saved for some blogging moment, so why not let that moment present it self now.

I don’t know if I will come back to this little universe I created almost a year ago, but I will keep it open if the feeling of blogging hit’s me again. Who knows what the future holds after finishing school?

‘Till then:


Tyler The Creator