Sunny Mondays

Love them. Need more. Spend the day after a night filled with music, wine and great ladies.. It lasted till 7 in the morning, made me not going to school, but spend the day walking, freezing, relaxing and kissing.

Camera fail that ended good

The beginning

Iced up lakes

The one



Hangovers and Excel

So my hardworking bf finally finished his becoming a chef education. Which had to be celebrated. With 4 boys, too many beers, lambrusco, Gammel Dansk and music. Oh my. I still feel quit drunk, working on a timeline in excel. And now it’s Friday. Which means more drinking. Sigh. When will Fridays ever become equal non drinking days?


Coffee, Darkness Falls and Naked

My eyelids are HEAVY. Note to self that bf lives with IDIOTS and paper thin walls.