Monday Morning

They are usually awful… But this one had a twist to it.

Got up in time and arrived for the first time as the first person at work. Look at that. Just to realize that I had left my phone at home, making me unable to find out WHY I was the only one present. Even though I’ve been given keys, they weren’t so helpful without the security code. And I figured setting an alarm off would be just a bit too much stress for a monday morning.

So, after 20 minutes of stair sitting and wall watching, I see it as my chance to get some coffee and breakfast. Walking out on to the street, meeting an italian tourist.

“Is this the prison?” He asks

“No it’s the courthouse”

“What is this court?”

“Ehmm… Law, lawhouse?”

“Ah.. landhouse!”

“Sigh, no.. Law… Court…?”

“I don’t understand, so you speak italian?” (Speak italian just to check)

“Ehm, no”

“You from Denmark?”


“You work here?”


“What you work with?”





“Sigh, commercials, advertising…”

“Aaaah commercials”

“What kind of commercials”

“Ehm… Coca Cola”

“Ah! Drinking… Yes… ”


“Me, I am a dentist”

“Well allright… I’m going to get a coffee so you have a nice day now ok?”




What is up with

the tattooed people at Lagkagehuset on Strøget? Is it mandatory to have one to get an employee? “Well, yes you might have 20 years of baking experience but I don’t see any tattoos on that arm, do I now?”

And is it a strategy from the owners, to be the cool and hip bakery in town?

Or have we simply come to the fact that now, everybody has one??? In that case, I almost regret mine, even though I don’t.

I simply just don’t get it. It’s a wierd match. Swedish tourists and tattoed cocky bakers. But I must admit one of them was rather handsome though.