Wednesday Greyday

I want to write something. My fingers itch. And job has nothing special for me today.

It’s my fathers birthday today. 57. And on facebook. What social media will we be on when we are 57? Will we even live to 57? Will the earth? I was once so depressed and worried about the world. I felt bad everytime I didn’t buy ecologic food, threw a paper or gum on the street or even when I was driving in cars. I stell get this feeling sometimes. Guild. Of being a consumer. Cunsuming and not giving back.. That’s when I started supporting Greenpeace and Unicef. Which taxes actually DO refund without me interfering. Wow.

But times change, and I actually DO want to have children, and feel less cynical about the future of the world. Not that world peace is knocking on the door, but why worry so much about things you can’t fix. Still supporting those who do though.

57. Hmm… I’ve been thinking about a pro and cons list to my parents. Let’s just get it out of the way.


  • life (thank you for that one)
  • pretty face
  • growing up in the country side with a lot of animals and vegetables making me loving it, and less sick than others.
  • making me choose what I want to do in life
  • giving me humour
  • making me able to be critical about everything
  • teaching me horseriding
  • learning me the value of earning my own money


  • making me grow up in hill billy country schools
  • not having ambitions for what I should become
  • giving me an awkward relationship to alcohol
  • giving me heavy bone structure, never making me able to an XS that I feel would suit my personality better
  • making me cynical at times
  • giving me a too relaxed relationship to farts and burps
  • never having enough money, making me jealous on EVERYBODY else who had
  • not keeping good family relations, so I am in my 28’s to explore that family situations can be cosy.

Might update this later on.

So parents, it’s not that I hate you or anything, but I just needed to get it out of my system, and then I can read this list when I have children of my own someday. Yay.