Somethings cooking

And it’s an idea…

First off…

Note to self


Courtesy of Anna Vital via Rebel Academy 


Is what it is..


Sunny Mondays

Love them. Need more. Spend the day after a night filled with music, wine and great ladies.. It lasted till 7 in the morning, made me not going to school, but spend the day walking, freezing, relaxing and kissing.

Camera fail that ended good

The beginning

Iced up lakes

The one






A selection of pics from an amazing Sunday







Sidewalk Flower Bike

That I apparently can’t rotate… Hmmm makes no sense.


No Title

Sunday in the skies

Or under it… Watching airplanes taking off. Beautiful but noisy. And different when your there with a guy who has a fear of flying. He hoped it would have made him more comfortable, but he said it had the opposite effect. I would feel the same way if spiders where flying over my head as well.