Desk Cleaning

I’m trying to organize my files on the computer, so the BA writing will be at bit more overcome-able, and by doing so I found these pics that I’d saved for some blogging moment, so why not let that moment present it self now.

I don’t know if I will come back to this little universe I created almost a year ago, but I will keep it open if the feeling of blogging hit’s me again. Who knows what the future holds after finishing school?

‘Till then:


Will all the pages that are like this, now pinterest is the new thing, makes us unable to be amazed in the future? Will inspiration rooms, be too much.. Too many.. I seem to be scrolling down amazing pictures in these forum, but they would definately make me stop in another context, as in on a wall or in a newspaper, where there are only a few and not ALL of them. Need to give this some more thought I suppose.

Those afterall made me want to repost.

This is SMART

And so is this.. Always wondered…




One Big Photo

Stunning photo library site.