Hey, what is this actually?

This is my attempt to contribute with at least something, if not to the world then to myself. I will write with no filter about everything that concerns me.

It started out as a side project from my internship at Naked, (danish department now closed), during my bachelor studies in  Media production & Management. I was then doing a lot of web browsing reposting and the agenda was to track my work experience for later use, which all apear in danish.

Now, I am doing my masters in communication at AAU-CPH, which has led me to regain my blog life (it stood still after the bachelor for a while). It will therefore again be a part work part personal life thing.

Moi: I’m currently a (now) 30 year old student, who is hopefully starting a internship next month. I live and work in Copenhagen, dreaming of a life on the countryside some time in the future. I’m curious, outgoing and interested in everything that involves communication, that being marketing, HR, the social media trends, journalism and what else there is in this marvellous field of communication.

Ironic as it is, I suck at doing commas, so I apologise for this up front. I always written assignments with someone who was an awesome comma doer and therefore never got to have a closer look at these complicated rules that are assigned to that little creature.

I spend too many years in the restaurant business, mostly to pay the rent next to my studies, but also because I just love food, especially wine and the amazing energy trade there is going on in great places. This led me to a great period of a wine bar work experience as a manager between studies, which I miss, and hope I will return to sometime soon.

Besides these amazing facts, the rest of me will be displayed more or less at this great www site.

(This is me, tipsy on a club toilet, when I was once a club girl, those days are (almost) over)

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