Enter 2016

On 48 hours I’ve managed to leave house twice (for food, chips & ice cream), watched 8 episodes of Game of Thrones, listened to Spotify Weekly playlist three times, had two dates cancelled (All odds on the Wednesday date will happen AND rock – insert anxious smiley!), been drinking 3 liters of thea, 0,5 l coffee, smoked NO cigarettes (hence the ice cream), drinking NO alcohol (hence the chips and date cancelling), had NO showers, NO workout (sucks), looked at 3 job offers, researched apartments in Sydhavnen which led to a search on houseboats, which led to giving up on finding new apartment. Cleaned the bathroom, told roomie to quit smoking in apartment (hence the apartment search failure), connected with the french roomie, talked about men with coffee date in my kitchen (we both have a date with a guy called the same on Wednesday – what’ya know). All in all a very quiet start of the 2016 – it could have been.

Before all this, I’d been drinking 5 out of 7 days, smoking the same amount, working, eating, sleeping but also had a work out – Oh, AND arranged three dates!

I will refrain from the obvious “should make new life goals” outburst. But I should though.

(Hah, I have a category that’s called “The one” – should I reuse when the new “The One” or just delete?? Hummmm…)

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