My Summer Vacation.. without a smartphone

Holidays are ending, it’s been a blast, the weather close to perfect, and the days mostly well spent. What was missing though, was my iPhone. I had to return it, as it were a work phone, and thought to myself: Lets try life without for as long as it lasts.

So summary on that experiement is: freedom. I love not being addicted to receiving messages and calls, being able to control when and where I want to interact with other people. And you learn to plan even more. And read maps. And be just a little bit more independent.

But something was missing though. The Instagram. SO many Instagram moments, that weren’t captured and shared. It’s all in your memory some will say. Yes of course it is, but I realised how much I love browsing through my old pictures, remembering great moments, reliving them.

So in memory of this great summer, and in lack of photo evidence, this will be a tribute to all of the great summer moments that went by. (And a warm up for the application I yet have to write).


Jylland. This one is for you.


The first day started off with riding horses on the beach. It’s been a year, and I’ve missed it ever since. The smell, the feeling, the freedom and the nature. I could stay out there forever, if it wasn’t for the sore ass I got.

The following lunches after riding, with mussels we found in the sea, sparkling rose and great people.

The evenings with food from the grill, the other great wines, and the family.

The visiting of my best friend and the first meeting of his new son. A cutsie smiling all over.

The fresh food handpicked from the garden. Pure taste and pure love.

The sunsets.

The 10 hour car drive, leaving parent at the airport, and picking up the boyfriend, to return to the great home that was the framework of this great event.

The visit of friends and their daughter, enjoying beers and cigarettes in the garden, chatting about life.

The fresh sunflower seeds I enjoyed at my mothers terrace, bringing back childhood memories.

The evening ice-cream at the beach with my boyfriend, watching horses going in the sea.

The naked hours in the garden, and the coffee and ryebread/cheese breakfasts enjoyed as such.


These are all the Instagram moments that wasn’t shared, but now, also not forgotten.


Now write that damn application madamme, you already did the laundry!