Useless talents

Speaking with a friend about transcribing and how I find it utterly boring even though I’m quite fast doing it.

This lead on to the joyful conversation about useless talents, and so to provide my friends now astonishing need, for having useless talents of mine listed, so he can use them against me: Here goes. Useless talents possessed by the author writing:

  • Transcribing
  • Drinking wast amounts of alcohol
  • Finding grey hairs in special lightening settings
  • Writing blogposts when one should be transcribing
  • Being all the time confused about making right or wrong choices
  • Making creative glue-cut-out-paper-things-on-boxes gifts for friends, forgetting that I’ve already gave them one, and that they don’t use it.
  • Very good at rolling fingerings around married-hand-finger with thumb and little finger on the same hand
  • Colour organising cd’s on shelves
  • Country and region organising of wine on shelves
  • Doing dishes!

Usefull talent:

Realising that I have to go back to transcribing. Now.

This one is dedicated for you, my evil little mean spirited friend. (Not that you are really)