Dear Myself

Sorry, for being so ridiculously bad at updating and getting inspired…

I know, that it is because the last 1.5 month school has been all about writing. Which filled me up with writing. And add on was the lack of internet connection at home, making my “skip actions” impossible, at least in the online way.

So update so far. Should it be in bulletpoint? Well absolutely why not!

  • Got a shared amount of compliments and critiques on my writing skills. In the end it made me able to see my mistakes. Let’s hope I’ve learned the lesson for the just delivered exam piece.
  • LEAN has opened my eyes for what I always knew was right, really existed in a philosophy. Rethinking career opportunities.
  • Gained balance with the one, after a period of the opposite, which led me to.. (drumbeat) … Seeing a psychiatrist. Oh my is that good or what! Love it. Dare you fucked up childhood memories, give it your best! I will cope with you better than ever.
  • Living situation is steady. Not perfect, not bad at all.
  • Watching Californication season 05. Makes me wanna travel and meet people. Or just watch some more.
  • Experiencing a bad bad BAD habit at biting my fingers while I write. Maybe take this up with the psychiatrist.
  • Got interrupted by dinner at Falernum, now full and unable to think….

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