Friday 13th

Why does something never really happened at this special combination of day and date? When do we stop being all “Oh My God! It’s Friday.. The.. 13th…. Oh. My. Lord!” Who ever came up with the concept that this was the worst combination of day and date? Nostradamus? The US? Maybe I should google it, but actually I’d rather not.

So I spilled a cup of coffee in A’s computer, which is my substitute computer at home. It has made it unable to respond to enter, but then the “it ain’t so bad it isn’t good for nothing” played out, and he found out that the little reversed K next to the apple, is ALSO an enter key. Well well well… Now I have never! The endless explorations. (K)

So I have come to the conclusion that the blogging life, might be rather boring on the inspirational stuff from now on. Since now I actually have something to do everyday, I will hopefully not waste time on twitter and stumble upon, but actually be productive, which kind of feel nice. So let’s see how long it’s going to last. (K)

Fuck, have a straightener iron (direct translations rocks) heating. Hm. (K)

So… Seems to be the start of all my sentenses. Great! (K)

Well, let’s see what wine and good company can do with this scary tragic evening. Must I mention I worked out 1.5 hours today! And that it was awesome!? Now I have…


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