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Sunny Mondays

Love them. Need more. Spend the day after a night filled with music, wine and great ladies.. It lasted till 7 in the morning, made me not going to school, but spend the day walking, freezing, relaxing and kissing.

Camera fail that ended good

The beginning

Iced up lakes

The one



The Dalai Lama Knows


A fairytale


The rip

Amazing Everyday part 1

As part of the project I’m in I had to send one of the phones to a member of my team in London.

So off I go to the local post office, where the very local post lady (with a mustache) was serving me.

Me: “Hi, I would like to send this package to London, is that possible?#

Her: “Yes of course… Ehm… You would like to put in a box I guess?”

Me: “Yea if that’s the best way”

Lady finds a box that is a bit too big for the package. Looks at it. Thinks a bit.

Lady: “There is a phone in it?”

Me: “Yes”

Lady: “How much did you pay for it?”

Me: “Well actually I got it for free, but it cost around 4000 dkk”

Lady: (to herself) “Fuck fuck fuck fuck…” (then to me) “Ehm, I guess it’s not good for a phone if it does like this” (Shakes box heavily)

Me: “Naa I don’t think so either… Is there another option you guess?”

Lady thinks a bit

Lady: “I’m really thinking here… We have to find a good solution…I guess we could do it this other way”

She finds one of those envelopes with the plastic bubbles and it fits right in.

Lady: “All right, so this is what we are going to do.. Then we help each other”

She explains the details and end up whispering “Then you deliver it only to me (there were no one else) and I’m going to take care of it”

Me: “Yea all right, nice”

Lady: “Good and this way you can track the package and there’s included an insurance if it get’s lost on EXACTLY 4000”

Me: “Well, that sounds good. Thank you so much”.

I hope that this was the highlight of her office day, cause it sure was the highlight of mine, to be treated like it was the most valuable thing I ever had to send by mail.