The 2010 Bulletpoint (Christ, 2011)

Christ… The year has nearly come to and end. Realized it, when I had to put a note in my calendar for next month, and there weren’t any more pages.

So what happened during this whole year?

The 2010 2011 bulletpoint:

  1. Got an apartment. (Finally!)
  2. Continued school (so I didn’t)
  3. Broke up with M
  4. Met France
  5. Had a great summer, nice weather (selective memory) and great people. Best friend A was the main person
  6. Broke my heel! (It was fun, bit it sucked!)
  7. Went to Roskilde on a broken heel. (Have never experienced so much pain as I did on 2nd day)
  8. Lost 2000 dkk and iPhone on Roskilde. (Fucking gypsies!)
  9. Read a thousand books, watched a thousand hours of TV shows (Thanks H!) and relieved my joy for books and velproduced TV
  10. Started my blog
  11. Fell in love with M again…
  12. Went on a wine trip to Spain. (Pure happiness and longing for M)
  13. Got an internship at Naked
  14. Was on the internship at Naked, still not with a clear perception of the result
  15. Continued working and loving Falernum
  16. Got serious with M
  17. Started working out on weekly basses
  18. Continues drinking 2-3 times a week, still feeling a bit guilty every time
  19. Lived together with gayfriend A and his boyfriend. (Adjusted to live with 46″ widescreen. Sigh, but also a bit convenient on Sundays)
  20. All in all the final conclusion must be 70% happiness and maybe 30% despair

Hmm… Family is nowhere in the bulletpoint. Ehm. Family issues stayed on normal level, not too much drama, and then again, I see them once or twice a year.


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