Weekend addictions:

  • wine
  • company
  • music
  • cheese
  • sausage
  • aioli
  • the wire S01
  • drama

With all of these elements, except the last, (break through) the weekend followed the usual patterns… It is actually so trivial I have nothing more to say than that.

I guess life has never been so stable as it is now, all the days goes into one big blur. It’s just the same, over and over with small corrections. Not sure whether this is good or bad. But the grey mist that surrounds the city these days, makes it seem like a scene from a bad movie, the one where everyday starts the same. Hmm.. Can’t remember the name actually, or anything from it.

A highlight, must be the situation where we had 3 copmuters (HAH, will NOT correct this typing mistake), none of them able to play a f’***** dvd. I felt like a teenager, where everything is not really working, and you fix everything with duck tape. Metaphor. Computers aren’t fixed with duck tape. But like, I had this vision, that when I get older, I will recall this situation of being low on stabile electronic devises, was sooo long ago. And I felt, I’m 28. Why don’t I have a TV, a stereo with speakers, a DVD player with a f***** remote!, and a computer that acutally works. And as so many other obvious questions, the answer is so simple. Because you don’t have any money. And those you have, you spend on little clothes and a lot on enjoying life, which of course also is nice, and a preferable choice in prioritizing assets. But still.


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