Bus Mocking

How is it, that every morning I turn on the road on my bike, I end up driving next to the bus? And that I am the one who needs to go slower to break this involuntary traveling-along-companionship. And even more how is it, that then, when you actually don’t bike, and need to be on the bus, it is now where to be seen??? Huh? Could somebody please answer that.

Then I would also like to get an answer about the possibilities about thinking to much is limiting you. I mean. I constantly think about, “does this feel right”, “am I being out of the ordinary wierd or silent here”, “why can’t I small talk”, “why can’t I set up goals for about anything” etc. etc…. It’s not just, when you have a moment to yourself or like that, it used to be, but now it’s all the time, during conversations, meetings, biking, working, (out)… Questions, questions, questions… Some times with answers, but then new questions arise. Damn you brain. Turning tricks on me.

And finally, would I stop thinking so much if I won the lottery and could do whatever I wanted to with my days? And would that lead me to drinking wine while traveling? 


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