Yet Another Monday

And this one is gray and menstrual…. All I think about is eating something (just emptied the office fridge for carrots, thank God that’s all there was there).


Then I think, “I should be doing something usefull, like keep figuring out what possibilities Naked have for new businesses”, and then I decide that right after I have read all of my twitter posts I will do it.. Which is realistic, cause my twitter post list is pretty long and filled with so much more interesting links. And now I have decided to think about it after I blogged a bit about my weekend (everybody has been so anxious to know apparently). So to all of you who didn’t call me and asked how it went (while I was driving home with M.)

It was great. No problemos. There was a minor incident during dinner time, caused by a pair of cheap and shitty pantyhoes (screw you Netto) and a lost bf for 30 min, that left me glued to a chair (couldn’t leave because of the big hole on my thighs, making me look rather slutty). But return of bf, crying and change of clothes saved the night. Sharing a bottle of port and engaging on tispy un choreographed dancing to “pretty woman” made it perfect. But apart from the whole, “this is a family thing” it was actually a pretty good party, with hilarious features. Maybe not all of them with the intention to be, but the flute and drumming band, really cracked most of the “young” people up. Very bizarre. Should have been there, kind of moment.

And now to something completely different.


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