Taking a work break and is listening to Pulp fiction soundtrack, still full from dinner last night. Sigh, it’s not always a good thing that you know the waiters…

I often wondered what kind of letters I would write to people if I knew I was dying soon. It always made me super sad, but I really felt that I would like to have said all of the nice things to the people in my life before I died. So maybe I should get them done, just in case. You never know.. But I guess that if I wrote them now, and lived till I was 90, most of the people maybe weren’t my friends anymore? But I sure do hope so. You are nice you friendly people of mine. I love you, and I hope you will hang around my life till I’m 90. Not that actually crave for being 90. Unless I’m super healthy and able to remember my name and you nice people. (Should concider the smoking thing again… hmm.. )

So, commercial life is starting to look nice here. I can very well see myself in charge of what other people should think is nice. It would suit me fine. Excel woun’t. Bad, bad, bad match.

So maybe I should make myself a cup of coffee.. OR ask if I can get off early since I’m done researching less famous peoples facebook and twitter account numbers. Sigh.

Al Green’s “Lets stay together” is keeping me indecisive… I wish I was Uma… Or maybe not..

Maybe I should just put an end to it before it get’s way out here….



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