It’s thursday, which means almost weekend, which is gonna be gooooood.

Dinner at Cofoco with A. tonight. Menu looks DE-licious! Thank God for getting ass down to gym yesterday. Workin them abb’s… Beer abbs… Wine abbs… Love abbs…. NO! Muscle abbs!

Weekend will be with the in laws. Last time it ended with a break up so I’m pretty excited to see how this one turns out. Marriage? Murder? But I have a better feeling now. At least I know what I am getting into, so I can mentally prepare, and make the same “nodd and “yes””, replies as lover master to perfection on occasions. I’m going to drag him to a fashion party sometime, just to make us even steven.

But hey.. We have come to the lets get married and have children stage, that must mean something. Even if it’s just theoretically. Huh?

Work is finally being interesting, let’s hope it continues.

I’ve noticed that working on my memories is going S.L.O.W.L.Y… Hmm… Not quite sure if I want to change that fact quite yet.

Grandma money decision was made, and now I am happy owner of warm AND cool wintherbooths (that are killing my feet) (But that should be temporary, it better be!), new warm dress, and the never ending amazing gloves that I always loose each winter. But not this one. Hell no. I am an 28 year old woman, who can look after her belongings. (If you don’t have faith, then whats left?)

WHY is time going so slowly this afternoon??

Hmmm… Could it be time for som stumpleupon???? Or wordfeud?? Or work…. It’ll be interesting to see who wins…




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