So many movies, so little time, and money… But… These are a few I would like to see so far..

Inside Lara Roxx

Porn star gets HIV, confronts the business after many years of dealing with her disease

Indian Summer

Portrait of sisterhood between mental ill brother and caring sister

Girl Model


A quick look behind the model business and it’s not so glamorous sides..

Dragon Slayer

From the top of skate to the bottum, living in the moment as much as possible

Crazy Horse

In front of and behind the scenes of famous show club ‘Le Crazy Horse de Paris’

Bombay Beach


What happens with the leftovers from a popular holiday spot in the Colorado dessert when it isn’t alive at all anymore.

Anna Pavlova Lives in Berlin

A documentary about a queen of the night in Berlin and her follower.

Ballroom Dancer

About a man who wants to be back in the elite of dancing, but what is the price?

Above the heart

A movie that probably will make me a vegetarian again, but most people should watch, to acknowledge how the food industry also is.

Turning – Work In Progress


Anthony and the Johnsons


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