I had an insanely busy week last week (for my standards anyway), and no internet, so keeping up to date has been messy.

Work was depressing, had enormous life/work crisis which I haven’t quite figured out yet. But it changes everyday, from feeling useless till feeling I’m a part of something here, and going the right way.

But more about that in the work log later.

Being back in the apartment is amazing, allthough A’s  bf’s 15 plants has moved in as well. Thank God for A. disliking them as well, and then arranging them in a tolerable way… But at least it isn’t like small sculptures of houses or whatever.

Had crisis with lover, but overcome it in the best way, deciding to work on this now, and nourish it. First time since we been back together, that we had a “talk” about what this is and where it’s going. It feels scary, but insanely good as well.

And finally I spend all of my precious weekend selling out of the stupid impulsive and insanely expensive clothes I’ve gathered through the years (*New York).. Sigh. It sucked! People had so bad taste and were so fu*** cheap! Total failure. I don’t know if the learnings should be not to attend these things again, or really REALLY consider whether or not i NEED this item I am going to buy. Yes, okay of course, it’s the last that is the lesson. Don’t stupify me more than I am.

Oh, and most importantly, my breaks (read: Friday and Saturday nights ) were spend on catching up with “Six Feet Under”. How is it you always feel, that the music/movies/surroundings, all are about you and your issues at the moment? (And that you don’t have a life in the weekends?) (Ok, more the exception than the rule actually)

Work log up next.


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