Moved back in to my apartment, where I forgot, we don’t have internet. (Must remember to ask the Germans)

I am currently at work listening to VERY electronic music, which stresses me like hell. And apparently  makes me unable to focus.Hm, but should be doing some really not so interesting ppt work, and waits for an email telling me how. Yay. So a small update while we wait…

Turned 28 this weekend. How you think, it would be a grown up, calm “definately getting older” birthday. But sigh… Champaign got involved and the night went from great to a disaster. Mostly (well, entirely) my fault. Ended up screaming and hitting lover, crying all night, walking the streets alone, yelling some more, fell asleep without fixing the problem. Woke up feeling like SHIT. But made up and then the rest of the day (when I got up at 4 pm) was almost normal, with cake, flowers and ladies. But Jesus. I will maybe never really grow up?

Hm. Not to worry about now..


Work calls.. “Work slave, WORK”….




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