I was with lover yesterday night, returning from a great dinner, which ended with us hitting a guy on his scooter. He was okay, and that was not the point, I just remembered it. Jesus i screamed. Well, he was okay and no harm was done to any.

Untill… We walk home and I am in my telling stories mood, and keep jabbering about this crazy evening at the same restaurant we just had our dinner at. I am pretty sure that in the storyline I was with my ex, so I happily explain how the night ended with all of me and my friends were staying after closing hours with the staff, which ended up with everybody kissing everybody. Yes this is something that happends sometimes. So, as excited I am in my story, he stops me and says; “Hey you weren’t with your ex at that time”. And then I realized, that I was with him! Oh my, did that bring awkward silence or what.

Well, he either was cool about it, or decided that it wasn’t such a big deal. Thank God he knows me so well.


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