Indian Summer

Oh my, even though you really want to come home from vacations, it is just like you really quickly want to go back. But thank you DK for making the warm nights a easier transition.

Wine trip was amazing. Had never learned so much in a week (why was school never like that?). Had way to much delicious, crazy, insanely good food, but workout today totally made up for it. (I wish!)

I’m really having doubts about me in the “normal work day life”. It’s not like it’s hard or anything, but I don’t really feel that I am challenged, and when I am, then I don’t want to be. Multi dilemma. I am getting pretty concerned im suffering from “motherness” which is the overall sickness of never ever wanting to do anything else than cooking, smoking weed, drinking beers and cleaning some. Yes, it might sound nice on paper, but not so much when you are the daughter of the mother.

Hm. What if, when I die, I’ll recieve this “you were all wrong daughter” moment from destiny/angels/God/acid/whatever, and realize that motherness actually WAS way better than making a career and taking care of yourself. Now, been writing that, I am almost certain that this woun’t happend to me. Thank God.

But still… I’m getting worried that I find project management a tad boring. Hmmm… I just want a job where it’s fun ALL of the time.. Childish? Yes! I’ll let it go, grow up and finally eat dinner, with the roomie that finally returned.


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