Adult life

I am soooo tired.. Got up early (earlier) for 9 days in a row now! Are there no limits to what a human person must experience???

Sigh and there’s the election, and I know shit about it… Will play it safe and vote like my parents do. (The sane side of them).

Oh and bike got stolen, karma, karma, so now I need to steel a new one… Or borrow… On unlimited time. Should I concider an upgrade now? Would really like one of the nice ones, which name now comletely vanished from my memory. But I have a feeling that karma will strike back harder if I make such upgrade. Hmmm….

So, what’s been interesting?? Played chicked with a guy on his motorbike (!) today, very stupid, and not my game at all… Nobody got hurt..

Well… Thats it, will write about work then…




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