To be continued…

2nd day of not smoking, AND I bought a pair of runningshoes! Feeling healthy already. Will enter my fitness world again, and make up for all the money I’ve thrown after nothing, the last couple of months.

Grown up life is treating me well, but I keep finding myself reflecting “why I am here, and is this the right place, and I AM really here.” Instead of just actually LISTENING to what people around me say. Keep drifting off. Very uncomfortable. But I can totally picture myself in this business, it seems logical and fun. If it has nothing to do with excel. And annoying people.

Now, dinner with No Title at gayfriend A’s work.

I’ll include this random picture so you all can have a little something to reflect on. Enjoy

It was supposed to be a g&t with candy in front of it, but it was on my phone, and technical boring details made me stumple upon this instead. I will convince myself it’s summer now.


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