Friday, Saturday, Today

Had insanely funny dinner at this place friday with lover/ex/friend/whateveritisaslongit’sgood.. The kind of dinner where you draw unwanted attention because you are having a blast and you’re pretty much the only one. The laughter stopped when I saw the result of the once so nice, not so much any more, make up on my cheeks…

But amazing wine and food.

Was hungover and tired Saturday (my body is really getting tired of me feeding it with alcohol, and protests with giving me hangovers for way less consumption than I use to get) Hmm….

Sunday: I’m mentally prepared for Monday and adult life. Looking forward. Will get very dissappointed if they are not the cool and funny people who I want them to be.

Reunion with the ladies later, where I will hopefully either not smoke or have last cigarettes. I am feeling a bit sick, which is good for my non smoking agenda. I am getting bored reading this myself, so I will terminate and curse the person who keeps interrupting me on facebook chat. You know who you are!


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