A weekly summary, that ended somewhere else.

I feel I should write a summary about this week, but I don’t really feel that anything that interesting had happend. Sol et’s just see where the words will take me then.

Silence. Thanks brain, great cooperation.

I just finished doing laundry by hand. Very relaxing. Oh yes and I have decided not to take any more photo jobs for weddings and things like that. The conclusion has been, that I can’t do it because my hearts just not in it…

Sigh, then the mother called. So lets bring that on the table. We just can’t talk. It is soooo ackward and mostly a conversation where I humm and say yes or no. Jesus why didn’t we pick our own parents sometimes. And why can’t we just agree on the fact that we have absolutley nothing in common except from the blood in our veins. And that this doesn’t need to be a obligatory reason for poeple to stay in contact. It’s really not to be cruel,  but sigh, we are just not a match made in heaven. I always feel either repulse or pitty and it sucks, and I should do the therapy thing soon, as it seems she’s not leaving this earth anytime soon. Sorry. But so it is. I’m just not so good with family things in general. The good thing is, that you can blame that fact on your family. Guild free, yay! But I would still like to have one though. My own one, that I have created, but I have this fear, that the little sweet peaches you’ve made, will turn out to be vicious and hateful. But I guess that’s a common fear for parents? Yes? No? Please.. Sigh… And I’m turning 28 in a month. No stress, no stress, still young. Lots of time to build career, find perfect husband and my own apartment, with my own furnitures… Lots, and lots of time………….


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