Insanity Day

Sweet lord Jesus… I wish that you know what the day brings when you wake up, so you can mentally prepare.

First of all I had maybe 3 hours of sleep, since I have this special gift, with being unable to sleep, when I know I am getting up early. But up I got, and went to work. Everything seemed as it should untill I found the register empty. And everything else that was supposed to have money in it. So the morning went with multitasking latte’s, talking to police and owner.
The whole french nation decided to have coffee at my place today. What a joy. At 11 AM I had used 10 liters of milk, had ran out of coffee cups, twice, and got ticks everytime I heard the word latte. It never took and end, and now that I am finally off, these words are all I can manage to produce. My mind is one big latte, double shot, take away I don’t give a fuck.

So I should celebrate with wine. But oh no, I have to find both free people and free food for the movie thing in the weekend. Good luck to me. I’ll need it. And then wine. Lots.


3 Comments on “Insanity Day”

  1. F says:

    sweet lord jesus=putain de merde

  2. Why is it I always really feel like you do?

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