The dislike list

  1. Public tranport: Is there no wierd people at all who owns a bike? Or have they all lost their ability to bike (and shower)?
  2. Girl perfume: I have become a man perfume lover. Girls perfume is so heavy, yak, it makes me nauseous.
  3. Girls who wear way to much girl perfume: No words needed.
  4. People who have ugly handwriting: It hurts my eyes. Specially when those people have to make public signs for restaurants, uh or even better hairdresser signs. And all kinds of signs that I have to pass by.
  5. People who drives slow and badly on bikes (and in cars): They have a tendency to waste other peoples valuable time.
  6. People who don’t buy eco/organic food: It’s pure logic and lack of either moral or knowledge in my world. I am still trying to convince the non knowing ones.
  7. People:  In genereal. Mostly them who I don’t know.
  8. Brown bananas: Yak. (Yes, I dislike other things than people)
  9. When technology isn’t coorporating: Temper, temper.
  10. That nailpolish only lasts 2 days: I always forget to take it off, but dislike the look of it every time I see it.
  11. Taking on and off make-up: Mostly when I am busy. Would love to have the make-up machine from The Fifth Element.
  12. Not being able to eat everything I want: Damn you parents, for not making me tall and skinnylike.
  13. That if I continue this list, I will look back in 10 years and think that I was all grumpy and dissatisfied with life. I am going to prove me wrong and write a like-list as well. Some day.

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