Note to self

I just dislike everybody when I am going out.

How ironic that I wrote this after I’d been talking to lame ass suit guy, who had never given a thought about anything in life. Most impressive was when I asked him, what he would do when the world ran out of oil. (Yes he worked in the oil business). Oh he had never really thought of that. Then I suggested winmills. Which he thought was a clever idea. Then we talked about how ugly his shiny suit were, that this was the only one clean, and why I just didn’t find his lame drunk friend/colleague attractive, and if I wouldn’t please reconsider it if he bought me a drink? Jesus.

But did it stop here. Oh no. Then I met with F who went ballistic when I suddenly left. (Have apologized, we are cool again) And then met with M who was completely fucked up, which for some lame reason came as a surprise to me. Learn woman. LEARN!

Thank you sweet lord, that I have good old best friend A.

Now brunch with F, lets see what happens.


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