Is at best friend T’s place with other best friend I. Feeling a bit hungover from a spontaneous wednesday drinking session with I. We have this amazing thing with staying at a café for 8 hours, both with and without alcohol. Mostly with.

Is listening to the endless funny stories from T’s mostly rather unlucky daily experiences. Latest how she forgot her best friends birthday, maybe this is one of the “you hould have been there” stories. Keep it at that.

Had awful dream this night. Woke up drunk, and had to go somewhere in Old X’s car, driving with a girl from work. Everything went wrong, I was driving in wrong directions, wrecked the car, didn’t know where I was going. Chaos. Was so nervous when I actually woke up and had to bike. Almost crashed with a lady. Which reminds me that I was almost knocked down by 2 car doors the other day. Interesting.

Want to watch Magnolia and listen to Aimee Mann.

Is seeing returned friend from NY today. Haven’t seen her in a year, and that was when I was in NY, spending endless amounts of money having the time of my life. Need to get back over there.

So I called this ladies. Let it be about them. They are my main force of happiness and fun. I have the bests of the bests of ladyfriends. They are so unique and lovely. All very different, but such an inspiration to me all of them. Thank you ladyfriends. For being so unlady like and giving me endless fun, love and support. For abusing my facebook, accepting me and my split personalities, for sharing thoughts about the men and their privates, for being strong and independent (who said Beyonce ?!), for loving men as much as me, for loving wine as much as me. You rock!

Should write something about the men, but this will not be the time. But must remember that I am walking on a line.



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