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Was sleepless because of all of the things that I needed to put down on paper, or internet, but anyways. Now they somehow are all gone. Hm.

So I guess I have to make new ones up, and see if the old ones will come along somehow.

I was thinking about habits this morning. And can’t decide whether I think it’s good to have them or if they are limiting your life. I mean. I guess it depends on how much they mean to you. See I don’t really have any, so I guess this isn’t really a problem concerning me. But I somehow have giving it some thought during breakfast preparation. I think it has come of best friend A.’s sick breakfast preparing habits. I find it really cute and somehow extremely annoying. And it led me to think what would she do if she couldn’t do these preparing rituals, and what does it give her to do them? Conclusion must be, that I don’t understand habits that much. But I will try to accept the need people have to have them.

In love with the spelling control in this program. Really improves my English writing. Thank you wordpress, for making me a better writer. You rock!

Note(s) to self: Don’t start working before your feet are healed. And don’t mess around with too many men at the same time, it may work on paper, but not so much in real life.

Thank you to new X to give me these:

I better get myself together and edit some wedding photographs.


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