Monday summary

So… Have had some kind of a conscience since I’ve started this, and what time is better than the beginning of the week, to contribute. This will be a summary of “vacation”.

It started with a broken heel, no need to go to details on that one. This led me to 6 weeks of uncabability and then thinking. A lot. And reading. A lot.. And finally starting with the amazing six feet under. (3rd season now).

Books I’ve read and need to remember I read.

Jpod“, Douglas Couper: Made me want to write again. Endless humour and wit.

The alchemist“, Paulo Coelho: Thoughtful and fine

The man and the sea“: Hemingway: Never finished it.

Incredibly loud and extremely close“, Jonathan Safran Foer: Amazing, sad and beautiful storytelling.

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be“, Paul Arden: Im gonna conquer the world of advertising!

Whatever you think think the opposite”, Paul Arden: It’s cool to fail, when you improve from it.

These books and sun has made my un-walkability a great experience, and forcing me to take a chill and get some insight. Ofcourse all of the reflections and decisions I’ve made, vanished as soon I was reunited with single friend A. and the weekend was upon us. Humm..

Is mentally preparing for my internship at naked, and in that matter trying to take my production manager role seriously at this movie I’m assigned to. Somehow difficult when you aren’t getting paid and have to find castles in Sweden all the time. No kidding, it’s awesome… Ish..

But, reality awaits in less than a month, and 9 to 5 is waiting for my presence. Wohoo.. I will be full of wisdom and soon will conquer the world with my wits ans awesomeness… (Better to aim high, than not aiming at all).

Man business.. Should I even begin to mention it here? Will I ever seize this beautiful day then? Ah well.. A. is in the shower, Fat Freddys Drop on the stereo, why not begin?

Sigh, can not.. Who will read this, will anybodys feelings get hurt? Well, Im trying to keep track of news and oldies and playing with an open hand in the “Im not good at any commitments” way. So far so good, but those things kind of never lasts do they?

Would like to genetically engineer the good parts of the great men I meet. That would be the perfect solution.. Or just stay with A. for the rest of my life, having random lovers and fathers for children on part time.

Topic change.

Was shooting a wedding this weekend. First thought: “This is awesome, easy money, great people, no stress”. Second and more lasting thoughts: “Why did I say yes to this, I suck, this is boring, I suck, why did I say yes to this, AND the next two jobs?” “Idiot!” Sigh.. Haven’t looked at the pics yet. Afraid of the result. Even though I know, it will be great, and they will love it. Sigh again.

Hm. Need to fix the deposit thing with the Germans who are NOT sublenting my apartment. Not! Just for the record.

And fucking Telia who still owes me money. Assholes. (Why did I buy my second iPhone there again?)

A. is out of the shower.. Will end this “4th and 564 words post, congratulation, you rock” post. (Love wordpress’ perseverance)

Monday it is. Sunny and a good one so far. (Hence a great wake-up).


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