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I am now almost ready to start adult media life and work, only need mental preparation for 9 to 5. I can do it. I will rock. (Keep the thoughts, KEEP them!)

Now, winebar work.


Would you mind to


Not litterally.. Die that is…


I got disappointed today. And how much I had no right to, I did. How do you avoid that?

But what really disappointed me was the encounter with danish TV programme “Kongerne Af Marienlyst”. (Danish version of Jersey Shore). It really confuses me how we as humans has developed us to create and watch programmes like this. It makes absolutely NO sense in my world, what these programmes has to contribute with, other than stupefying both the participants (but there’s no hope there anyway) but then the people who watches it. IF there truly are people out there who are like the participants, and even worse wants to BE the participants, then isn’t it our job to at least try to educate these people instead of glorifyeng them? I mean, the producers behind those programmes, how can they sleep at night? How can we allow them to sleep at night?

I do appreciate the freedom to speech in this and other countries, and I don’t know how to avoid programmes like these without making rules against or democracy, but couldn’t parents at least try to influence their children to not participate in such programmes so that the producers at least can’t earn money on this shit?

Or am I totally off here, does everybody love it, just for the amusement and the “at least I’M not like that” factor. Is it just like watching a tragic/comic movie, that you don’t need to reflect any further on?

But I just can’t. I’m disgusted, and I would like to videotape myself while I was watching it, because the look on my face during it,  must have been worse than the looks of all the participants all together. (And thats bad!)

Are there no longer any ethics in the show business, and what’s next from this? Can it really get any worse?

Favorite app at the momento


Illustrated Craigslist Missed Connections

I’ve stumpled upon these nice illustrations from this lovely Sophie Blackall. Would like to know if any of the missing’s ever got found from the Craigslist add, maybe she should offer to make the illustrations to Craigslist, so people would notice them more.

Awesome glasses

I stumbled upon this cool website with these nice glasses

Copenhagen Design Week vs. Nokia

Design Perspectives.  An initiative to promote the Nokia N9. Very cool, check it out and upload some pics if you have any.