Enter 2016

On 48 hours I’ve managed to leave house twice (for food, chips & ice cream), watched 8 episodes of Game of Thrones, listened to Spotify Weekly playlist three times, had two dates cancelled (All odds on the Wednesday date will happen AND rock – insert anxious smiley!), been drinking 3 liters of thea, 0,5 l coffee, smoked NO cigarettes (hence the ice cream), drinking NO alcohol (hence the chips and date cancelling), had NO showers, NO workout (sucks), looked at 3 job offers, researched apartments in Sydhavnen which led to a search on houseboats, which led to giving up on finding new apartment. Cleaned the bathroom, told roomie to quit smoking in apartment (hence the apartment search failure), connected with the french roomie, talked about men with coffee date in my kitchen (we both have a date with a guy called the same on Wednesday – what’ya know). All in all a very quiet start of the 2016 – it could have been.

Before all this, I’d been drinking 5 out of 7 days, smoking the same amount, working, eating, sleeping but also had a work out – Oh, AND arranged three dates!

I will refrain from the obvious “should make new life goals” outburst. But I should though.

(Hah, I have a category that’s called “The one” – should I reuse when the new “The One” or just delete?? Hummmm…)

Re-Turn Re-Run 2015

So… With trembling hands, and a minor anxiety attack I am behind the computer to write again. Different reasons for being so, the return that is 1) Finishing my thesis, had me feeling nauseous of keyboards, now 6 months later I miss it – the writing, not he thesis! 2) Life has been turned upside down, and I constantly find my self going through it in my mind, as blog posts.

So here goes what might be the longest blogpost (or shortest) ever made from author behind.

Let’s use bullits. For the 2015 that went:

  1. Survived and finished thesis with an admirable grade. Succes! Even though counselor had me answering “I don’t even know what our findings were – nothing I guess”. I am still contemplating that one..
  2. Survived break up with bf through 5 years. During thesis writing that is. But I guess that helped me through it.
  3. Met a guy, had him move in for a month, then his friend (and my colleague, I’m not that crazy). Fell in love with 1st guy ( I think, still not sure) but he did made me rebound from break up, and then later made me loose my mind during the whole summer.
  4. Tried to see if fuckling others would minimise loss of mind. Partly a succes.
  5. Had a threesome!
  6. Had a lover.
  7. Did that thing I can’t really talk about, but will reflect upon later on in this post.
  8. Started working in the wine bars again.
  9. Had a semi depression.
  10. Started working out (working that ass and them abs – why do you look better in your 30’s than in your 20’s? Cause you need it more?)
  11. Made peace with at at least 3 of my manly relations, who had been messing with my mind (all in 24 hours, I’m awesome!)

So the reflections following these events, can also be narrowed down to bullit points (isn’t it lovely).

  1. I spend waaaaay to much time adjusting my own well being to matters and definitions of the men in my life. Solution is spending more time on me and myself, being maybe a bit more ego centered, while tile staying open and curious (hence the date for the fires time ever, planned to night). But most def, loving the soothing company of my own. After all, I would love to date the man version of me, but will have to settle for just myself for the time being.
  2. Your identity connects a lot to relationsshipstatus and education (job), and altering the both of these, will make you feel a loss of identity. Solution is not to panic, not to sleep all day and get depressed, but look at fucking opportunities and deal with your new label of “Single & educated – dont know what I am doing”. Life goes on, make the most of it.
  3. I need to find my passion in life. 2016 goal.
  4. Sex feels absolutely empty with out feelings, but still, can be extremely good. No fucking on first dates from now on?

Sun is shining, a moment I can’t let pass by in these dark winter times…

A return, a rerun, lets see if this is something that will help me get a hold on crazy thoughts, so I can keep my mind.



Praktikpost #3

Tiden flyver, og jeg glemmer at logge mine aktiviteter.

Så siden sidst:

  • Oprettet og skal snart eksekvere Cykel-In Cinema. Lavet PR strategi, oprettet billetsalg samt fb gruppe + event
  • Fået lavet scrapbog færdig (kommer fredag), og genfornyet kærlighedsforhold til keynote fremfor docs.
  • Fundet rammer i meget mærkeligt format, til print af finale foto
  • Forhandlet med leverandører. Tog den dyreste. Hmm. (Men den bedste).
  • Haft evalueringssamtale:
    • Holdte møde ud fra en af Ole medbragt model, om formålsdrevet arbejde. Gode spørgsmål, og refleksioner. Skal huske at få den tilsendt. (Blev optaget, vedlæg som bilag).
    • Gensidig tilfredshed om arbejdsindsats/arbejdsområder. Nøgleord: Frihed, støtte, ansvar, kreativitet, plads, formålsrettethed, udvikling.
    • Forhandlet løn under speciale og udvidet stilling til konsulent område, dvs. at jeg fremover skal være involveret i det konsulent arbejde der ligger i at implementere CUA på kommende plejecentre/kommuner. Fedt! Kan bruge kompetencer om organisationskommunikation her. Forandringsprocesser –> kommunikation, roller. Procesfacilitering.
    • Snakket forventninger om speciale. Emne #1 Hvordan kan vi udvikle Loop til et community der giver værdi for interessenterne?
    • Glemte at spørge ind til en organisering af statusmøder på tværs i CUA.
  • Oprettet møde for at lave en forretningsmodel ud fra businessmodel generation canvas formål er:
    • Interessentanalyse
    • Hvad gør vi når vi bliver større?
    • Overblik. (Kan bruges til org.analyse).
  • Haft møde med praktikant fra IBM omkring organisationen. Fik optaget halvdelen. God snak om to primære udfordringer.
    • Skal vi oprette et sekretariat, eller organisere os anderledes. (Den ville hun arbejde med.)
    • Hvordan kan vi lave en form for guideline til kaptajner, hvad er deres roller/ansvarsområder. Hvordan kan vi skabe inspirerende materiale der ikke bliver for påbuds agtig.
    • Herunder interessant samtale om hvad frivillighed betyder ifht kultur. Ville CUA kunne fungere i alle lande?
    • Tanker omkring image ifht bevaring af kerneværdier trods vækst. Ansvaret er delt ud på mange i vores model. Hvad betyder det for vores image af brugerne. Kan man kvalitetssikre? Er det nødvendigt?
    • Har flere noter i notesbog. Skal renskrives til rapport.

Hmm.. Ja, så er det ellers ved at nærme sig med at lave overvejelser om hvordan rapporten skal angribes. Hvilke teorier skal bruges. Har fået noget Mary Jo Hatch der skal læses. Haft ét vejledermøde omkring formalia i rapport. Husk at arbejde udfra PBL og at være reflekterende!



Tiden flyver… Praktik uge 4

Nå uni lavede lige en venlig påmindelse om at man logger sine aktiviteter især her i starten “da det senere kan blive en sædvane”.


Så here goes… Things I’ve done and wonders I’ve made. (Including those I might gotten an answer to, but had from the beginning)


  • What excatly are the roles of those who work here. Which tasks belongs to who, and are there even a definition of such, or is everything ad hoc because it’s a  small organization?
  • What excatly do the “packages” include. Is it obvious for the target group, what they get and pay for? Am I the only one who doesn’t get it, or are there confusion among the target group as well?
  • What is the process of getting engaged in CUA as an eldercenter. Chain of command. Does kommune have to approve, does carecenter tell kommune they want it or the opposite way? Bottom up vs top down.
  • Who pays for lunch. Ole or myself?
  • What is praktik opgaver and what is work, should it be divided?
  • Do we care about working hours or is it a “tasks done” officetime.
  • What does the forening membership get you. Both as an institution and as a private person.
  • How many people are actually assigned, and who does what? Example from the board panel thing.
  • Can you use marketing rules on recruitting volunteers? See notes in book.
  • How can we monitor engagement. Web / physical / memberships / psycological. Tests! Quantitative data.


  • Contacted and maintained all PR regarding the Hamburg trip.
    • Learnings: Personal contacts are good. More PR effort at the actual locations, like we needed more contact in Germany/Hamburg. How to write a pressrelease. Short and effective; meanning facts. Journalists want to tell their own version of the story, don’t hand it all. No need. (Thnx Mous).
  • Written all fb, ig and tw updates during trip.
    • Learnings: IG includes tw & fb NOT vice versa. IG is annoying on tw though, as it links instead of showing the immidiate pic. tw is annoying with it’s text limitaiton.
    • You can search # on fb as well.
    • LG G2 mini is a shitty smartphone both camera and datawise.
    • Increased from 2089 likes to 2331 in a monht. More than a 100 per week during and after Hamburg trip.
  • Done txt work for posters etc.
    • Learnings: Make it short and precise. Remember brandname on stickers next time –> check up on all material before print.
    • Found out that ingraving a baton is possible, and that it should be in white instead of “no colour”. (Very important knowledge this one).
    • Name badges and diploma for trip was a great idea.
  • Made an inquiry for Guiness World Records
    • One big money maschine that is.
  • Watched CUA start up in Lolland and Dragør (PROCESS)
    • How can we facilitate a process where all the interessenter are working together in a brain storming process on how to get the best out of CUA.
    • What are the role of Ole and Dorthe in these processes? Should they be something more/less?
    • Do we follow up on the kommuner/careenters that have started it? Should we, and how? Forum for sharing ideas?
  • Watched a meeting on how to “sell” CUA to Lyngby Taarbæk
    • Less talk more action –> WHAT does it demand from them. WHAT do we deliver, be clear on packages and prices.
    • What are the roles of the vlounteers, is being a “caretaker” an obstacle? Too much responsibility. How to communicate that more clearly? Web?
    • Should first aid be an offer from CUA to volunteers? CSR and great  maybe even important offer/skill.
    • Folkeskolereformen states 15 min exercise of student. Combine with CUA?
    • Who puts in the carecenters in LOOP us or themselves? Someone else?
    •  How to kick off CUA in the winters
    • Why arent we seeking some fonding? What does this do to culture / image? Both if and if not.
    • What are the key points we can adress for those who should get CUA started in their city and who need to convince others that CUA is a must have
      • Money (cheap)
      • Time (easy)
      • Selfestablishing
      • Health benefits / research?
  • Made a scrapbook from the trip
    • Google docs sucks in photo handling
    • Key note is awesome
    • Why didn’t we just get ALL of the photos from the photographer???
  • Maintaining websites
    • WordPress has different features –> how to get stats pluck in? Need to monitor traffic.
  • Wrote an “how to get started and why” manual for Sweden
    • Consideration about targetgroup
    • Tone of voice
    • Ammount of info.
    • We need more research on what CUA does physically! 


That was a whole lot.


Now working on how to make a “rickshaw ride in” on CPH Streetfood. Zulu came in handy.

Praktik No. 2 Dag 1

De sociale medier, gjorde deres magi og gav mig friheden til at vælge mellem hele 4 praktiksteder. Efter 2 samtaler og tænken frem og tilbage endte valget hos Purpose Makers, et konsulent bureau startet af Ole og Lærke som jeg har arbejdet sammen med på TEDx. Her skal jeg være fanefører på deres initiativ (for det hedder ikke projekt, siger Dorthe, da det er noget som en dag skal afsluttes). Det skal jeg så lige huske hver gang jeg omtaler det. Cykling uden alder hedder det, og missionen er at sammesmelte frivillige med vores ældre borgere, og give dem gode oplevelser, ved at tage dem med ud i det blå på rickshaws. Et meget ligetil pro… initiativ, som har den gode ånd jeg gerne vil arbejde for, og kompetente og dygtige bagmænd, som jeg håber at kunne lære en del af.


Den første dag er således gået med at blive sat op til diverse mails, på wordpress, i podio, google docs og facebook. Så må vi se om der skal tilføjes lidt instagram også.

Der er et évent under opsejling, en cykeltur fra intet mindre end Odense til Hamborg. 300 km, 20 ældre, 10 rickshaws og 20 frivillige. Der skal laves PR, cykles, spilles kort og mingles med den ældre generation, som jeg faktisk har et meget begrænset kendskab til, da jeg ikke har været så tæt med mine egne ældre i familien. Derfor bliver det en udfordring på ikke kun det faglige men også personlige, og jeg glæder mig!

Dagen har stået på aftaler med Flensborg/Rendsborg (med d, altså, hvorfor?), om at lave velkomst komitéer. Der var svar på under 10 min og stor opbakning. Tænk hvis alt gik så nemt.

Der skal laves aftaler med DR øst og Randers og/eller anden by i det område, som er ved at implementere CUA.

En pressemeddelelse er under udarbejdning, og skal godkendes, hvorefter jeg skal igang med en ligeså.

Day one. Vi er i gang, og det bliver pisse fedt!



My Summer Vacation.. without a smartphone

Holidays are ending, it’s been a blast, the weather close to perfect, and the days mostly well spent. What was missing though, was my iPhone. I had to return it, as it were a work phone, and thought to myself: Lets try life without for as long as it lasts.

So summary on that experiement is: freedom. I love not being addicted to receiving messages and calls, being able to control when and where I want to interact with other people. And you learn to plan even more. And read maps. And be just a little bit more independent.

But something was missing though. The Instagram. SO many Instagram moments, that weren’t captured and shared. It’s all in your memory some will say. Yes of course it is, but I realised how much I love browsing through my old pictures, remembering great moments, reliving them.

So in memory of this great summer, and in lack of photo evidence, this will be a tribute to all of the great summer moments that went by. (And a warm up for the application I yet have to write).


Jylland. This one is for you.


The first day started off with riding horses on the beach. It’s been a year, and I’ve missed it ever since. The smell, the feeling, the freedom and the nature. I could stay out there forever, if it wasn’t for the sore ass I got.

The following lunches after riding, with mussels we found in the sea, sparkling rose and great people.

The evenings with food from the grill, the other great wines, and the family.

The visiting of my best friend and the first meeting of his new son. A cutsie smiling all over.

The fresh food handpicked from the garden. Pure taste and pure love.

The sunsets.

The 10 hour car drive, leaving parent at the airport, and picking up the boyfriend, to return to the great home that was the framework of this great event.

The visit of friends and their daughter, enjoying beers and cigarettes in the garden, chatting about life.

The fresh sunflower seeds I enjoyed at my mothers terrace, bringing back childhood memories.

The evening ice-cream at the beach with my boyfriend, watching horses going in the sea.

The naked hours in the garden, and the coffee and ryebread/cheese breakfasts enjoyed as such.


These are all the Instagram moments that wasn’t shared, but now, also not forgotten.


Now write that damn application madamme, you already did the laundry!


Praktik… Forberedelse…

Det er praktik tid igen, ergo blog tid… Kandidaten er halvvejs, og det næste semester skal udfyldes med spændende kommunikationsopgaver, hvor vi får hands on, netværk og ih hvor bliver det bare spændende…. Og det er også meget dejligt alt sammen, og helt sikkert én af grundene til at jeg tog lige præcis dén her uddannelse. 


Men hvorfor har jeg ikke søgt endnu?


Første grundlag, var ” der er laaaang tid endnu, det skal jeg nok nå, og jeg kender tuuuuusinde af seje mennesker, det kommer til at være easy peasy”. 

Så går tiden som den jo, så uundgåeligt og til tider ubærligt irriterende gør, og august er lige rundt om hjørnet, det samme er deadlines for alle de steder, der søger praktikanter. 

Fint, så er det jo bare om at komme igang. 

Okay, overspringshandlingerne kommer snigende, der er solskin (umuligt at sidden indenfor og skrive), det er kedeligt (der er aldrig nogen der gider læse word ansøgninger), det er uoverskueligt (alt for mange valgmuligheder inden for kommunikation, alt sammen spændende), etc etc etc. 


Det ledte mig frem til, at det eneste format der virker tiltrækkende er gode gamle blog format. Vi havde det sku meget godt os to, dengang i år 2012, da jeg var i praktik, og nørdede den med alt, der var viralt og sjovt. 


Så den foreløbige konklusion, er en blog ansøgning. En standard én. Sådan lidt CV agtig. En need to know, men lidt nice to know. Og dét her indlæg, er min teaser for at genvinde min blog glæde, min skrive lyst, exhibitionisme, selviscenesættelse, getting out there feeling og alt det jeg skal mande (kvinde) mig op til, for at få de skide ansøgninger ud over dørkanten. 


Hvad skete der for mit netværk? Well… Det bliver en test, når praktik ansøgningEN får lov at go viral, og sprede sig som en steppeild ud i det digitale univers, hvor tusindvis af død interessante, endnu ukendte, arbejdsgivere sidder og venter på at blive blæst omkuld af deres kommende mega vilde, seje, kick ass kommunikerende, projektledende, dårligt tegnsættende men derimod charmerende praktikant!


Det bliver vildt. Jeg glæder mig! Huha. 


World. Here I come… Again.